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Taillage spiro-conique :

Customers / Partners

Technical skills

Machine shop

Business sector

Machine shop:

Below you will find the list of our machines classified by category.

- Miling machine:                                   C-M-E UFB1800

- Horizontal machining center:                 MORI SEIKI SH630, MORI SEIKI MH630, MORI SEIKI NH6300, DAEWOO HM800

- Vertical machining center:                    VICTOR V65, LIEDER 720H

- Robotic lathe bi-pin:                            DAEWOO PUMA 250 2SP

- Parallel lathe:                                     RAMO

- Horizontal lathe:                                 MORI SEIKI SL35, MORI SEIKI SL2500, MORI SEIKI SL25, VICTOR V26, CMZ TL25 BTM  

- Grinding machine:                                STUDER S33, GER CN, WOUMARD

- Horizontal broaching machine:               R-B-V 30

- Mortiser:                                           CABE CN

- Straight conical gear cutting machine:    KLINGELNBERG

- Spiral bevel gear cutting:                      OERLIKON C50, SKM1, S17

- Tool grinding machine:                         OERLIKON SKB

- Straight helical gear cutting:                 LIEBHERR, PFAUTER

- Input/output cutting                            FELLOWS 8-A

- Three-dimensional control machine:        ZEISS CONTOURA

- Gear control machine:                          KLINGELNBERG P40

- Press:                                               100T

Mechanical transmission

SISP-GEARBOXES, 9 ZA CROIX SAINT MATHIEU, 28320 GALLARDON - Tél: 00 33 (0)2 37 33 38 60 Fax: 00 33 (0)2 37 90 92 88 - Mail: contact@sisp-gearboxes.fr