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Mechanical transmission




Our services

The SISP-GEARBOXES company was created in 1964. Originally specialized on the design and the manufacturing of mechanical transmission on the agricultural activity, the SISP-GEARBOXES company was able to take advantage of his experience to open then on other business sectors. Today, the quality of his products and services make it a leading company in the French market. 

Business sector : Agricultural, wine-producing, forestry, industrial field, marine...

What makes our reputation

Located in Gallardon, the SISP-GEARBOXES company is very close of the French and European agriculture.

Our proximity, our listening and our availability with customers make us a responsive and dynamic company.

Anxious to meet all customers needs, the company invest in human relationship and technical innovation.

Our solid skills in design office and machine shop enable our company to maintain its leading position in his activity.

SISP-GEARBOXES, 9 ZA CROIX SAINT MATHIEU, 28320 GALLARDON - Tél: 00 33 (0)2 37 33 38 60 Fax: 00 33 (0)2 37 90 92 88 - Mail: contact@sisp-gearboxes.fr

• Study

• Industrial design

• Manufacture

• Maintenance and repairs

All products are developed in our office with the technical specifications of the customer or by market research.

All our production is generated in our factory with recent and efficient equipment, by qualified and competent staff.

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